This is the Kanji-Sign for ‚Takumi‘

Takumi means ‚Artisan‘ or ’skilled Craftsman‘ in Japanese.

Following the traditional way, becoming a Takumi needs approx. more than 60.000 hours of constant practice and training , therefore mostly a whole human life.

For me, it means a way of mind, a livesetting and a constant journey of being never satisfied with what I have just created, regarding it always as a new starting point to create something even better than before.


I understand myself as both, as an artist and a craftsman and as well my work as being both, art on one side, but made with a solid craftmanship on the other, as in my oppinion, one always needs the other to be really complete.

There can not be really good artwork without technical skill, and beautifull and well crafted work is also always a piece of art.

But I did not use this Kanji to claim that I already am a Takumi, that’s not on me to decide. I choosed it to show my dedication and how artwork should be created in my understanding.