This is my work with the impressive Darius 7 (from DAZ) .
I had to overwork most of the original textures , created some new content to fit my needs and rendered it with Arnold in C4D.
Darius looks already good in the original DAZ (IRAY)-samples, but when you take a closer look at the original textures, you realise that most of the original material has really a lot of already built-in specs & gloss, as it is mainly usual photo content adjusted to fit the mesh.
That looks good in your renders as long as you stay with your light setup within the range of the light conditions of the original life-taken photos , but limits the use when you try to change your lights.
Therefore, a lot of the time was invested in overworking the original maps to eliminate most of the baked-in specs & gloss to have a proper material for my Arnold renderings.
I also added a lot of new maps and enhanced the tertiary and micro-structures with some maps from texturingxyz, but not as much as in the previous displacement-project.